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I don’t like to eat ants

28 Jul

Hier sind sie!!!
Here they are!!!

Ein kurzer Blick ins Buch.
A short look into the book.

Ab sofort erhältlich:

Available from now on:


Alice in Wonderland – A Ride on the Jabberwocky

8 Apr

Vignette_02_Ritt auf dem Jabberwocky_WZ

Alice in Wonderland – Alice under the hatter’s hat.

5 Apr

Vignette_02_Alice under the hat_WZ




Alice in Wonderland – Vignette „It’s Always Teatime“

1 Apr

Vignette_01_Its always teatime_WZ


Alice in Wonderland – Spread „Follow the White Rabbit“

31 Mrz


Here is my spread.


Alice in Wonderland – Cover Illustration

30 Mrz


The Plum Pudding Agency called for a competition a few weeks ago. The briefing was to illustrate a cover and a spread for „Alice in Wonderland“.