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My Folktale Week

24 Nov

01-07 Insta

Folktale Week’s over.

Unfortunately. It was a lot of fun.




Folktale Week I Day 07-Animal

19 Nov

1803 Die sieben Raben_01

On the last day of the wonderful folktale week, I’ll stay with the ravens and have chosen
„The Seven Ravens“ from the Brothers Grimm.



Folktale Week I Day 05-Insect

16 Nov


For this topic I’ve chosen the „Frog King“.

Sleeping Beauty 40

15 Nov

1802 Sleeping Beauty 40_WZ



Folktale Week I Day 02-Magic

14 Nov


For the second prompt I chose „Krabat“ from Ottfried Preußler.

Folktale Week I Day 01-Forrest

13 Nov


I start with „Hänsel & Gretel“

Folktale Week

2 Nov

I'm joining


I can’t help it.
I must join this lovely challenge, created by some wonderful illustrators (see below and check them out).
How it works (taken from @juliachristiansde):
On October 29th, we’ll release the prompts. Then, for seven days staring November 12th, follow the prompts and create a piece of art. Interpret the prompts any way you wish and with any medium you like.
Use the hashtag #folktaleweek ans #folktaleweek2018 to show your work and interact with other artists. The challenge hosts will be pulling work from the hashtag to promote in our stories! At the end, we’ll share our favorites in our feed! .
This challenge was created to encourage artists from all around the world to share stories and explore character creation and visual storytelling. We want to see your bewitching characters and dreamy scenes!
Many incredible artists came together to make this challenge possible. Be sure to check out their profiles on Instagram for inspiration:
@jennifermpotter @devonholzwarth @sinulee @carolinebonnemuller @sofiamoore_studio @heycasshey @rachaelschaferdesigns @sandiesonke @debrastyer @laure_illustrations @louve.draws @matejalukezic @shelly_laslo @tanja_stephani @juliachristiansde

Sleeping Beauty 13/100: Mädchen mit Teddy – Girl With Teddybear

13 Aug

1768 Sleeping Beauty 13_W`Z

Möchtet Ihr Euren eigenen Kissenschläfer? Ich freue mich über Eure Nachricht:

Erbsenprinzessin Halvi

16 Jul

1754 Kissensitzerin Halvi_WZ
Eine Auftragsarbeit
-Princess On The Pea-
Commission Work

Kiss The Frog

11 Jul


Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

Acryl auf Leinwand

-Acrylic on canvas-

Das Krönchen wurde mit 24 Karat Blattgold vergoldet.

-The Crown was gildet with 24 carat Gold leaf-